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Storage Saddleworth guarantees to be the cheapest provider of self storage in the Oldham area. In addition to this, we also have a whole host of added extras to help make your storage experience as painless and smooth as possible. 

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As you can see from above, we have massive amounts of offers and promotions that make storing with Storage Rochdale a sensible choice. So far we have established that storing with us will give you the cheapest prices, no hidden charges, easy options to move in, and unlimited packing boxes.

All these things are great but what really makes the difference with Storage Rochdale is our focus on our customers. We deliver excellent customer service to each and every one of our customers and take an individual approach to each customer. Our bespoke approach to customer service means that your experience with Storage Rochdale will be unique and tailored towards your needs. To help with this our staff are on hand 7 days a week and are always easy to get in touch with.

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Storage Saddleworth is a state of the art self storage facility situated in a convenient and easy to get to location. We guarantee that our prices will be the cheapest you will find and in addition to this we also offer a whole range of other offers and promotions to help make your storage decision easier.

  • Safe and Secure Storage with 300CCTV Cameras and a state of the art Red Care alarm system
  • Over 200,000sqft of Storage Space
  • Open 7 days a week with staff on hand to help you store
  • Customer of another storage facility? We will beat their price
  • A huge range of deals and promotions

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Each and every one of our fantastic services are tailored around bringing our customers the best storage experience possible. That is why we give so much back to our customers in terms of our free offers such as free insurance and cardboard boxes, free van rental, and free collection and removal. We believe that self storage solutions should be made widely available at an affordable cost, regardless of your budget.

So why are we so cheap? Well, Storage Saddleworth is a massive site, we have over 200,000sqft of storage space and are constantly expanding. Our facility was purpose-built for self storage and due to the fact we are constantly expanding we have loads of cheap and affordable storage space to give to our customers.

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Working out how much storage space you need can be difficult. At Storage Saddleworth we have your best interests at heart, for this reason, we will always work alongside you to find the perfect sized unit for your needs. We will always work to figure out exactly what you are storing so we can give you the size and price to match. Many other storage companies will put you in a larger unit and you will end up paying for space you don’t need. With Storage Saddleworth , we will find the perfect sized unit for you.

More Details

There are many reasons why people look towards a self storage facility. The most common use of self storage is home or personal storage. This tends to include people that are moving house, renovating or trying to free up some more space in their home. For this kind of storage, we often find our 35sqft and 50sqft storage units are a go-to choice.

Another popular use of self storage is for business use. A storage company such as Storage Saddleworth can offer a perfect place to reduce your business costs by storing excess inventory and stock at a low cost. In addition to this, you can also use a storage facility to store office furniture during a renovation or to store excess archives and documents. Business storage size can range from anything as small as a 25sqft unit right up to the largest warehouse-like spaces at 400sqft.

Finally, we move onto students, student storage is particularly popular over the summer months when many students return home. We offer tailor-made all in one bundle for students which includes free boxes, collection, and re-delivery all for one low set cost. Often students find a 16-25sqft storage unit can hold most of their valuable belongings.

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The biggest seal of approval we could hope for us that our customers enjoy their time storing with us. We always strive to give the best experiences to each and every one of our storage customers so take a look at what some of them had to say about us! 


Storage Customer Review

Great storage facility in Oldham. Got the best price in the area and no where can beat it. The security is very good with cameras all around the unit and secure locks can be provided by the staff. Highly recommended for anyone looking for good storage in Oldham.


Storage Customer Review

“Can’t recommend this place highly enough. I originally thought I would be using it for 6 months, that was 5 years ago.
My belongings in storage were delivered yesterday and was just how I left it. Absolutely perfect!
The delivery drivers were superb, so friendly and helpful. A credit to the company.


Storage Customer Review

Highly recommend this storage unit in Manchester. I have been storing here now for a couple of weeks and was impressed by the staff with their polite and helpful attitude. I got a very good deal I believe after looking at prices at other units close by. They advertise themselves as the cheapest with the best extras and that is definitely the case. Thanks from a very happy customer.”

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Storage Saddleworth offer a massive range of services to help people from all over store for less. Our services range from easy to use transport and removal services to tailor-made packages for home, business, and student storage. To find out more about what we offer give our team a call and check out the following list.

Home Storage

At Storage Saddleworth , we are experts in personal and home storage solutions. The majority of our customers choose us for this reason but even within home storage, there are numerous different uses for a self storage unit. As we have over 10 years of experience delivering excellence to the people of Oldham we are confident that no matter what you need us for we can deliver you the very best service possible.

One of the main uses of personal storage is for people looking to move house or relocate. When you move house it can be hectic, there is a lot of different plates to spin and it can be difficult to time everything perfectly. Using Storage Saddleworth can help take the pressure away from a house move by giving you somewhere safe and secure to store your belongings before, during and after your move. Simply arrange a storage unit that meets your needs and talk to our team about free collection and removals. Our team will come to your house, collect your belongings, and store them away until you are ready to fill up your new house.

In addition to people moving many homeowners also use self storage while carrying out renovations on their house. When you decorate a room or even a whole house it can be difficult and stressful to move furniture from room to room as you begin your renovations. Using Storage Saddleworth will give you a spacious, dry, safe and secure place to store your belongings while you decorate. This can be ideal for protecting valuable furniture from paint and other damage as well as protecting delicate belongings from being smashed or damaged while decorating. Simply get in touch with a member of our team to find out how home storage can help you.

To find out how home and personal storage solutions from Storage Saddleworth can help you with your home storage needs get in touch with a member of our team today. Our team of expert storage advisers are on hand 7 days a week so whenever you need us we are here.

Business Storage

As a business you understand the importance of your bottom line, at Storage Saddleworth, this is something we feel we can help you with. Many businesses come to us and ask how a self storage facility can help their business, with years of experience in the self storage industry we are experts in helping businesses save money and optimise their processes using self storage. The possibilities for business storage are huge and over our years in the industry, we have seen all kinds of different ways a storage unit can be used to help a business. In addition to the various uses listed below we also offer 24/7 units for business use.

One of the most common uses of a self storage unit for business use is for excess stock or additional warehouse space. A self storage unit can be a cheaper alternative to traditional warehouse space and for this reason, many businesses choose to rent a storage unit to store their stock. This is a perfect solution as all of our storage units are secure, undercover, dry, and come in a range of different sizes. Some businesses use this as a stop-gap during busy periods where they may be carrying more inventory than usual or as a permanent warehouse solution all year round. Whatever you need the space for our team will be able to advise you on the best solution for your needs.

Increasingly, as eCommerce grows, so too does the number of entrepreneurs using a self storage facility to store their stock. Selling products online, particularly with a UK version of dropshipping may require you to import large amounts of stock before selling it online, as a result of this many people starting out selling online may end up with large quantities of stock taking up space in their house. Using Storage Saddleworth to store the stock you plan to sell online can help you expand your inventory and free up space in your house. In addition to this Storage Saddleworth has a free receipt and dispatch service to help you ship out your products from your storage unit.

As a business, the chances are you may have quite a large paper trail (especially if you’ve been around for a few years!). At Storage Saddleworth , we specialise in providing archive and document storage for businesses to help you keep your important documents safe and secure. We provide dry, undercover, safe, and secure storage space for archive and document storage so you can free up old documents around your office and store them away for future use or reference. In addition to this our free collection and removal service means we can collect your belongings from your office and store them away for you until you need them again.



Student Storage

Manchester, and by extension Oldham, is a vibrant student hub of the UK. For that reason, there are many students that choose to settle in the Oldham area, along with quick access to the city center and Salford Saddleworth also has many prominent colleges close by. For this reason, many students decide to settle in the area and along with these students tend to be many international students as well. Student Storage at Storage Oldham can be a great way to store away your belongings for a low cost and Storage Saddleworth are experts in delivering custom storage solutions for students in the area.

With many years of experience in delivering storage for students in and around the Manchester area Storage Saddleworth offers a student storage bundle to help students store for less all year round. Within this bundle, we offer set prices based on the number of items you are looking to store with us. Included in this price is a free collection service from your student accommodation, our team will store your belongings in your storage unit which you’ll have access to 7 days a week, then our team will return your belongings to your accommodation at the end of your storage period free of charge.

Many students choose to use storage over the summer months while on a break from university, this allows them to save money on paying rent over the summer months and gives them the freedom to go on holiday or return to their home country for the summer. Many student accommodations will charge you the full price over the summer so by paying a small one-off fee to store your belongings over the summer you can save a fortune. In addition to all of this, we also offer our students unlimited free packing boxes to make storing away your belongings for the summer even easier.

Simply fill out our custom made student booking form and our team will be in touch to arrange a collection time that works best for you.

Storage Prices

At Storage Saddleworth, we pride ourselves on delivering the absolute cheapest storage prices anywhere in the Manchester area. We are so confident that we will give you the best price that we guarantee to be the cheapest storage provider you will find. In addition to this, if you are a customer of another storage facility we will beat their price and save you some big money. There are many reasons why Storage Saddleworth is the cheapest storage facility in the Oldham area such as our facility being a custom-built storage facility with over 200,000 sq ft of storage space, to put it simply, we have a lot of space to rent allowing us to do so for as cheap as possible. In addition to this, we have some incredible deals that help our customers save even more and these range from small savings to big savings that can save you a lot of money.

One of our most popular offers is our 50% off for your first 12 weeks of storage. This offer allows our customers to store for a longer period of time and gain the rewards with half price storage for 12 weeks. This offer is ideal for anyone looking to store for a longer period of time as they can really take advantage of a cheap storage space for a long period of time.

Once again for those looking to save a lot when they store our Storage From £1 Per Week is particularly popular. With Storage starting from as little as £1 per week choosing to store with Storage Saddleworth can save you a massive amount in comparison to our competitors.

As well as all these cost-saving offers we have we also give plenty away for free. This extends to our free insurance offers, many self storage facilities will charge expensive and costly insurance fees that are compulsory and can often double your storage cost. With Storage Saddleworth, we won’t charge you expensive upfront insurance costs. We also won’t ask our customers for a deposit so you can simply show up when you’re ready to start storing and start paying weekly or monthly. Finally, we provide all of our customers with unlimited free packing boxes to keep their belongings safe and secure while storing.

To find out how you can start storing for less get in touch with a member of our team who will be on hand 7 days a week to advise you.

Storage Information

At Storage Saddleworth, we like to think we know a thing or two about self storage. We have been providing industry-leading storage solutions to the people of Oldham for over 10 years now and with that, we have refined our process to deliver the very best services to all of our customers. Our website acts as a reflection of how we have built our business up over the last 10 years to refine and enhance the services we offer to our customers, within our website you will find detailed breakdowns of each and every service that we provide to our customers and how each offer can benefit you.

Take a look around our website to find more information on each individual area of Storage Saddleworth or check out the list below on some of our most popular pages and offers.

Free Unlimited Packing Boxes: That’s right! At Storage Saddleworth, we provide all of our customers with unlimited free packing boxes. This allows our customers to keep their belongings safe and secure while moving in and during storage as well as helping them to organise their storage items.

No Deposit: It may come as a surprise but yes, many of our competitors do still charge an expensive upfront deposit for the privilege of storing with them. At Storage Saddleworth we won’t charge you a penny in deposits to store with us, simply show up and start paying either weekly or monthly.

Student Storage: Our tailor-made student storage bundles are ideal for helping students free up space and store their belongings safely away during the summer months. Getting your student storage is quick and easy with our student booking form.

50% Off Your First 12 Weeks: At Storage Saddleworth, we believe in putting the customer first in everything we do and we try to do everything we can to give back to our customers. For that reason, we offer our customers 50% Off Your First 12 Weeks of storing with us meaning that you can save massive amounts by choosing Storage Saddleworth. Some competitors will offer 50% Off your first 8 weeks but Storage Saddleworth are the only ones to offer 12 weeks of discount.

Free Van Rental: Getting your things to your storage unit can be difficult and renting a van can be more expensive than the cost of storage itself. At Storage Saddleworth, we offer all of our customers (short term and long term) a free van rental service. Simply talk to our team to arrange using one of our specialist removal vans to move your things in at your own pace.

Open 7 Days a Week: Each and every one of our customers have different needs and for that reason having a storage facility that is only open Monday-Friday just doesn’t work for us. Storage Saddleworth is open 7 days a week meaning no matter when you need us we are here for you.

Cheapest Prices in Oldham: Storage around Oldham and the Manchester area is saturated with large national companies that will charge you extortionate prices to store with them. Storage Saddleworth breaks the mould with this by guaranteeing to be the cheapest provider of self storage in the Oldham area.

These are just some of the incredible offers, services and deals you will find on the Storage Saddleworth site but the real value of Storage Saddleworth is that we create bespoke storage services to meet your individual needs. Get in touch with a member of our team 7 days a week to find out how we can help you store for less.

Transport Made Easy

One of the biggest challenges people face when deciding to use self storage is getting their belongings to and from their storage unit. Often this can drastically increase the cost of storage for people if they choose the wrong storage provider. With Storage Saddleworth we believe than transporting your belongings to and from your storage unit shouldn’t mean having to pay extra and shouldn’t be strenuous either, for this reason, we offer a range of extras to help you with this.

Ultimately no matter what you need help with, be it collecting your belongings from your house and storing them for you, or just some extra help moving your things around our site we have you covered. Simply get in touch with a member of our team and they will be able to arrange all the help you need to start storing with ease.


At Storage Saddleworth we are committed to delivering the best possible storage services to our customers across the Oldham area and beyond. We have over 10 years of experience in delivering excellence to our customers. We are passionate about continually adding value to anyone that comes to us, for that reason we have put together our blog section so we can share useful storage tips, tricks, and guides to help our customers get the most out of their self storage. 

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