The Uproar of House Trends Post Covid

I think we can all agree 2020 has been one heck of a year. Unfortunately for many, there were great losses in terms of health and jobs. One thing we all experienced during a global pandemic was staying put in our homes with a nationwide lockdown in effect. Taking interest in how the world economies experienced a recession at the initial stage of the pandemic made us wonder what the future looked like post covid, in terms of house trends.

Considering the impact of covid-19 on real estate or accommodation rental for landlords, and how renters struggled to pay during the early stages of covid-19 due to major furloughs, makes it easy to predict the after effect on housing sales or rent. They are both definitely going to increase for realtors to cut back on their losses. For young couples looking to rent or buy houses, now is probably the best time to do so.

Currently, the UK government has reduced rates on stamp duty until march 2021, an initiative which could save residential buyers approximately £15,000. If you were to ask us, we would say it will be a great deal to hop on this and take advantage of the situation because it is more likely to witness an uplift in terms of house trends post covid.

Now is probably the best time to move house and there couldn’t be any better place or thriving region than Manchester. Manchester is currently the UK’s third-biggest buzzing urban city with a potential of being a “gold mine” for real estate. Experts believe buying a house in Manchester now could have its value quadrupled in the next 5 years.

With the expansion of jobs, modern infrastructure and a perfect balance of eco-living, Manchester can be the destination of many young individuals or couples looking for a vibrant city to live in. So, will a house in Manchester fit your budget? Well, a publication by The Manchester Evening News back in December 2019 listed towns in Manchester which are relatively cheap yet modern to live in and Oldham seems to top the list of towns with housing cost as cheap as £30,000. Then again why Oldham? Well below are a few good reasons why living in Oldham could be all you are looking for.


With just a 30-minute car or bus drive from the city centre, Oldham boasts of having some of the best transport links in the city. Residents have the options of using either their cars, a bus or a tram to get to wherever in Manchester. Aside from the variety of options to travel, the town is just 26mins away from Manchester Airport, which is even a good option for realtors to increase housing costs. Individuals or couples who love travelling get to enjoy the less stress involved in getting to the Airport.


You may be wondering what it will be like to move house to Oldham. Well, first of all, the city has a lot of modern self storage facilities for individuals or couples to safely store their items while gradually renovating. Amongst all the competition, Storage Oldham has the cheapest pricing and great value for money with free insurance and free collection and removals among others.


If you are considering nothing else, the least you could consider is the potential of housing to quadruple in Manchester and especially in Oldham which is currently less to purchase. With things like Manchester Airport being just half an hour from this great location, the potential to triple in value is more than likely and will probably be best to take advantage of while you can.


The town Oldham has a unique and historical background, which makes residents have a unique culture to live by. One of the oldest churches dating back to the early 1200s is still in existence in the town. There are various heritage parks, art centres and museums which tells the intricating story of Oldham.

If you are still not convinced about the predictive nature of real estate uprising or not too sure about Oldham in particular, then check out these Top 5 Things To Do in Oldham, consider a field trip to the town and then maybe the town itself would be a convincing way to make your decision much easier. But if you are willing to take the chance then be sure to browse this website for more resourceful blogs to help your stay in Manchester.