Storage units are great places to keep your valued possession safe and secure. It is a great option to declutter your house, give yourself more space in your modern house. Storage units come in different sizes, they can accommodate anything from your archive documents, CDs, books to your garden furniture, seasonal decoration, home furniture, bikes and garage gear. People store in storage units from weeks to years and when one store in a storage unit for a long term period, the unit can become a bit chaotic, it may feel like walking into a dilapidated home. The unit can become dusty, depending on what you are keeping in it there can be small little crawlies making their home.  Find out below the 5 easy steps to keep your storage unit clean and store your items in top condition.

How to clean your self-storage unit? 5 easy steps to keep your storage units clean 1
We hope these expert storage tips help you with your cleaning. Contact Storage Oldham for all of your questions about storage unit organization, renting a storage space and much more.