Storage Oldham takes a look at the top 10 things to do in Oldham and it’s surrounding areas!

Oldham is sometimes overlooked in the grand scale of Greater Manchester attractions but this unassuming town has some real treasures to share with it’s residents and visitors to the town. Oldham has a rich and storied history and grew from being nothing more than a small settlement to an industrial revolution powerhouse and arguably the cotton-spinning capital of the world. Since the mid 20th century Oldham has seen a decline in it’s industrial roots as the world rapidly changed however this does not mean Oldham is without impressive sites and experiences for visitors. In this blog, we are going to take a look at our top 10 things to see and do in Oldham.

Dove Stone Reservoir

Dove Stone Reservoir In Oldham

Dove Stone Reservoir is a stunning get away for any lover of the outdoors situated just outside of Oldham.  Venture here if you want stunning natural beauty paired with heaps of different walks, tracks and adventures for adventurers of all abilities and skills. Dove Stone makes for the perfect family day out to get some fresh air, exercise and quality time with family and friends.

Storage Oldham

Storage In Oldham

Ok, so we couldn’t make a top 10 list about the things we think are great about Oldham and not include ourselves, could we? Storage Oldham is a dedicated self storage facility geared towards helping the people of Oldham store for less. We guarantee not only the be the cheapest storage facility in Oldham but in all of Greater Manchester. We even have great services such as free collection & removal and free van hire so that people can get to us to store for less regardless of where they are from.

Oldham Coliseum Theater

Coliseum Theater

Oldham is not without rich cultural experiences that can be enjoyed by all. The Oldham Coliseum Theatre offers a unique window through time with its rich history dating back as early as 1885 meaning the theatre is now well over 100 years old. That being said, some caution should be taken by the superstitious when visiting this theatre as it is said to be among the most haunted theatres in the UK. In 1947 one particular actor dismissed the rumours of the site being haunted only to encounter an unfortunate and fatal accident whilst performing a rendition of Macbeth.

Lancaster Park Animal Farm

Lancaster Animal Park in Oldham

The welcoming and beautiful Lancaster Park Animal Farm has a huge range of activities and adorable animals for all the family on a day out. The park specialises in delivering fun experiences for all the family and have a wide range of animals including horses, sheep, rabbits, chickens and many more. Having opened in 2011 the park has since welcomed 1000s of visitors through its gates and since it’s initial opening the farm is run by its dedicated owners and a small team of volunteers to help provide unique experiences to all its visitors.

Tandle Hill Country Park

Tandle Hill Country Park In Oldham

Tandle Hill Country Park is proudly established as Oldham’s oldest country park and boasts an impressive 48 hectares of parkland. The park also provides a café and children play area as well as having all the space needed for hiking, bike rides, orienteering, bird watching, and dog walking. As well as all this the park is incredibly beautiful and boasts a range of wildlife and an even mix of woodland and grassland. Regardless of if you want somewhere to take the kids of space to get some exercise and clear your head, Tandle Hill Country park caters to all needs.

Alexandra Park

     Alexandra Park Oldham

There can’t be a Top 10 list without including the amazing parks in the Oldham vicinity. With over 25 parks in the town, Oldham is considered one of the best places for recreational and relaxation purposes. One of the amazing parks that stands out for us is the Alexandra Park. It sits perfectly for exercising with a tennis court and is family friendly with a children’s playing area and mobile cafe areas to catch a coffee break and relax.

Stonerig Raceway

Stonerig Raceway Oldham

Are you a motorsport fanatic? Or ever wanted to experience how it feels like to be in a formula one race car? Then visiting Stonerig Raceway is definitely a must. With technological advancement, Stonerig raceway gives its customers the opportunity to sit in an actual formula one simulator and experience being on the race tracks. They also have aTHX sound systems, vibration systems and virtual reality gadgets for a complete user experience.

Gallery Oldham

Gallery Oldham

Thomas Merton once said “ Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time” and this was definitely how it felt when we visited Gallery Oldham. If you are intrigued or fascinated about art and creativity then Gallery Oldham is definitely a must-go place. The gallery is free to the public art gallery and delivers you the rich, true local history and culture of Oldham and the outside view of the gallery also has a wonderful view for optics.


Saddleworth Golf Club

Saddleworth Golf Club

A perfect summer time starter pack is always polo shirts, gloves, a cap and of course a club because summer is for golfing. If you find yourself in Oldham during the summer and you love to play or experience golfing then you definitely have to visit Saddleworth Golf Club. With fantastic green fee prices and open competitions throughout the whole year, Saddleworth Golf Club may be the perfect place to stretch your arms and legs.


Reclamation Room

Reclamation Room in Oldham

One of the little wonders, as we call it, in Oldham is this multi purposeful cafeteria which comes with plenty of activities to engage any family or social indoor gathering. Reclamation Room is a showcase of art in its complete sense. This cafeteria has one of the most delicious coffee houses and bakeries in the town. It gives its customers the opportunity to engage in gardening, photography for the mere share of fun or to earn extra cash and also a theatre for any musical, art or film hosting. Stop by Reclamation Room and we are confident that you will have a day to remember.


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