You may need a storage unit, but you might not have thought too much into it. There are a few things that you should consider and know before renting a storage unit!

Infographic displaying the reasons as to why you should consider renting a storage unit.

Look at the location

Location is one of the most important aspects when it comes to renting a storage unit. You do not want to rent a storage unit that is too far away from you, especially if you plan to take regular trips. Do you research, google storage units beside you and consider contacting one of these ones.

Graphic with a location pin, letting readers know to always look at the location of their storage units.

Look at the affordability of the storage unit!

You will want to rent a storage unit that you can afford! Here at Storage Oldham, we offer 50% off your first 10 weeks. Not only that we also offer free collections and removals along with free packing boxes. One last thing to add is that we do not require a deposit. We are one of the cheapest companies to store with in Greater Manchester!

Graphic with a calculator and money, telling readers to look at the affordability of the storage unit.

Look to see how accessible the unit is!

Have at look at their opening days and times. Are they convenient for you? Will you be able to gain access when you need to or do their opening times clash with your working hours. These are all things that you need to consider. Some facilities grant 24/7 storage, if this is something you need, then always double check! There are tons of options! Just make to do your research!

Graphic with people around an online globe, telling readers to look at the accessibility of their storage unit.


Safety and security of the unit!

You want to be able to trust that whoever you decide to store with that they are going to keep your belongings safe! At Storage Oldham our storage units are extremely safe and secure! We have over 180 CCTV cameras, a state-of-the-art red care alarm system. You will be the only one to have access to your unit. Another thing to add, is that we have security fencing around the whole facility and ram barriers at all car park entrances. We have staff on site 7 days a week.

Graphic with a security guard, telling readers to look at the safety and security of the storage unit.

Always look at online reviews and ratings!

This is incredibly important! You should always research and look at the reviews and ratings before you go ahead and book a storage unit. This is just for your own satisfaction and security. You want to see if other customers were satisfied with the service they have received.

Graphic with an image of online reviews, telling readers to look at the online reviews of the storage company.

Look at what can and cannot be stored!

You can store a lot of things in a storage unit but there are many things that you cannot store. Some of the things that cannot be stored are things such as hazardous materials, anything that is living, perishable items such as food, anything flammable and it goes without saying but you cannot store anything illegal. Check with your storage company and make sure that they accept the things that you are looking to store.

Graphic with an image of someone holding a prohibited NO sign, telling reader to look at what can and cannot be stored with their storage company..

We hope this post helped you with aspects that you should consider before renting a storage unit! If you are in need of storage space, then please get in contact with Storage Oldham here.